Service Date
X12N Information
Loop ID 2400
Segment ID DTP
Position in Segment 03
837I Information This field also exists in the ASC X12N Health Care Claim: Institutional
External Codes This field does not use a code list external to the ASC X12 Standard
If applicable, all internal X12 codes follow
UB Information
Form Locator FL 45
Description Service Date
There are UB codes for this field. Consult the UB-04 Manual for details.
HL7 C-CDA R1.1, CCD Document
Data Element Name Service Date
CCD Templated Path Header.documentationOf.serviceEvent.performer.timeserviceEvent.effectiveTime
xPath ​/hl7:ClinicalDocument​/hl7:documentationOf​/hl7:serviceEvent​/hl7:effectiveTime​/hl7:low
Additional Information
NCVHS This field has a cross reference to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Core Data Set
Notes Service Date
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