North American Industry Codes
X12N Information
Loop ID 2300
Segment ID REF
Position in Segment 02
837I Information This field does not exist in the ASC X12N Health Care Claim: Institutional
External Codes This field uses a code list external to the ASC X12 Standard
If applicable, all internal X12 codes follow
UB Information
There are no UB codes for this element.
HL7 C-CDA R1.1, CCD Document
Data Element Name North American Industry Codes
CCD Templated Path Header.participant.associatedEntity.scopingOrganization.standardIndustryClassCode
xPath ​/hl7:ClinicalDocument​/hl7:participant​/hl7:associatedEntity​/hl7:scopingOrganization​/hl7:standardIndustryClassCode
Additional Information
NCVHS This field has a cross reference to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Core Data Set
Notes Work in Progess to get NUBC approval to reference these codes on UB-04
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